Okay, please go to google translate first and set the language on Dutch, After that type in "Joeri", The thing I just can't get to sound right in katakana writing is the "oe" sound. How should I write this or is this not possible?


If we believe what Wikipedia says:

Joeri (/ˈjuːri/) is a Dutch transliteration of the Slavic masculine given name Yury (George) and as such a given name in Belgium and the Netherlands since the early 1960s.

The pronunciation (/ˈjuːri/) would be rendered ユーリ{HLL}. ー represents long vowel (mostly in foreign word). Note that Japanese ウ sound has less roundness and backness than typical [[u]], that means people (especially in Tokyo) would pronounce it more like "juuri" or "jeuri", but it can't be helped.

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  • Alright thanks, that will do. – Joeri Brinks Jun 19 at 16:54

I would write it out as ユゥリ. That would put more emphasis on the [oe] sound rather than ユーリ but not as much [u] sound if it was ユウリ.

-- Starfox

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