I was watching this video when I noticed that ?! was used in the top right corner of the screen. This interrobang is regarded as poor style in English. How about in Japanese? It appears to me that it's more commonly used in Japanese than in English. (I even told one Japanese that I find using ?! a bit offensive because it's like forcing an answer out of someone.)

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!? is much more common than ?! in Japanese literature (see !? in nicopedia), although many laypeople do not care about the order. It is not very common in serious novels, but some old novels like 蟹工船 have many !?'s. It is very common in manga and light novels today, and there we even see !!??, !!!!!? and so on. I think !? in a news ticker is acceptable because the space is very limited, but conservative media like NHK may use it less often. It can be offensive, but ! by itself can be equally offensive when used in an inappropriate situation. The "ligature" interrobang symbol (‽) is almost never used in Japanese.

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