For context, it's a nakiri made by artist 藤原兼房. The blade is a 50/50 grind, so it's not left or right handed.

enter image description here

I can read every character except the third one down on the left.

Reading from the right:

日本鋼鍛錬 高級◯料理庖丁
にほんこうたんれん こうきゅう◯りょうりほうちょう
Japanese forged steel high quality ?? kitchen knife.

The best I could figure was it was 乃 or 右 but drawn weird. All the others look ok although the 高 looks like it's drawn in the old style. So maybe it's an archaic character.


It's 御 (generic honorable prefix) written in cursive style.

See picture here: http://www.fan.hi-ho.ne.jp/chikusui/newpage18.htm

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