Source: https://b.hatena.ne.jp/entry/4685177829409008642/comment/kincity


goo.ne defines 「うざい」as:


〜どす is another way of saying 〜です in 京都弁 according to goo.ne

Why did the commentor use うざい here? Or perhaps うざい has a nuance meaning of 多い here?

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ウザい is a slangy adjective meaning "annoying", "irritating", "gets on my nerves", etc. It does not mean 多い.

どす is a feminine Kyoto-ben variant of です. I think he used it not because he is a Kyotoite but because he wanted to make this sound milder by using a funny sentence ending (どす may be associated with sarcasm, too).


Also, TBH having (only) 3,000 CDs and bragging about it is annoying to me.

This person is saying having 3,000 CDs is not special nor important.

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