It is said by one of supporter in a boxing match between Numata and Aoyama. The supporter said it after Numata had been down.

しっかりしろい! おめっちからかわれているんだぜ青山によ

I searched and found that おめっち means おまえたち (you guys) so I tried to translate like this:

"Pull yourself together (Numata)! Because of you guys, Aoyama has changed (a way to fight)"

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I believe this おめっち is singular "you" because this person is speaking to one person in front of him. おめ corresponds to お前. っち is probably a suffix explained here (oh, it's your question). おめっち is not common but I sometimes hear おれっち/おらっち, which means "I" rather than "we".

And this からかわれている is not "から + 変われている" but the passive form of からかう. から meaning "because of" or "out of" follows a noun that represents an emotion (e.g., 怒りから, 焦りから), but it does not follow a personal noun.

You're being teased by Aoyama!

EDIT: Oh, according to this explanation on Wikipedia and 大辞林, っち in おれっち is etymologically 達! Still, as far as I know, it never means plural "we" today.

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