I was watching an MMD on YouTube called 'Tokio Funka' created by PizaCG and quite enjoyed the fact that they included an English language translation in the Closed Captions. I was able to lookup most of the song references but was stumped by 'Being able to enjoy the Scramble Road is alright'. It could be a miss-translation or a very obscure reference. I would appreciate it if someone could provide an explanation or determine if there is a better translation.



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賭博構想 お上は焦燥
スクランブル往来 楽しめりゃalright

The song is set in an imaginary city with a mixed modern Japanese and old Ōedo culture. This スクランブル往来 is a unique made-up word made of modern and old words.

This スクランブル refers to スクランブル交差点 (Wikipedia: Pedestrian scramble — In Japan) found in modern big cities. Shibuya's scramble crossing is one of the best-known and it's sometimes seen as a symbol of modern Japan. 往来 is an old word for road/street. 交差点/道路 might have sounded "too modern" because this city may not even have cars or electricity.

EDIT: 往来 in modern Japanese usually means "traffic", but as pointed out in the comment, 往来 also used to mean "street". I edited the answer to reflect this.

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    今気づいたのですがもしかして「往来」のtrafficって「車の往来が激しい」とかの意味ですか?これはこれで「人の行き来するところ=道路」の意味があり近世の口語では普通この意味で使われます。 Apr 24, 2020 at 4:47
  • @broccolifacemask-cloth 確かに。直しました、ありがとうございます。
    – naruto
    Apr 24, 2020 at 5:38

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