In the game どうぶつの森, the character たぬきち ends most of his sentences with 〜なも, for instance:

Image from https://ga-m.com/n/atumare-doubutu-no-mori-black-settei-nihon-yami/

Is this a characteristic of any real dialect or demographic, or just a 口癖 specific to the game?


なも was a real dialectal sentence-ender used in Aichi. I have never seen real people who use it, though.

There's even a character called だなも.

ぞなもし is a variation used in Ehime: 愛媛県には、誰もが知っているが誰も使わない伝説の方言がある

Basically it's just a rare キャラ語尾, so few people care.


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