For example,

"Don't make it sound/seem like I am doing something wrong"


"My teacher makes it sound like tomorrow's test will be difficult"

I tried,




But the above translation seems more direct as in "don't say that I am doing something wrong" rather than "don't make it seem like".

Can そう be used in any way here?


Don't make it sound/seem like I am doing something wrong"


That's basically right except は should be が there and する should probably be している.



Again you need が in there


or something.

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  • Thanks! As for the second sentence, does the なんか suggest the "seems" part? – L_J Apr 16 at 10:11
  • No, you said "doing something wrong" and the 何か corresponds to "something". – Ben Apr 16 at 10:14
  • Got it! So is this correct? 先生は明日のテストが難しいように見えるようにしました – L_J Apr 16 at 10:29

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