Is it possible to attach になる to a verb. For example:

I got tired after table tennis ー 卓球やってから疲れ(て)‍になった

I am not sure how to link 疲れる to になる. Is this not possible in Japanese?


Is it possible to attach になる to a verb.

No. なる only works with nouns and adjectives.

社員になる become an employee
元気になる become fine
重くなる become heavy/ier

なる appears in a verb form only as keigo.

お書きになる < 書く

An expression that involves a verb and なる does exist, which is ~ようになる. But it stands for that an event starts to constantly happen, and not what you try to tell.

I started easily getting tired after playing table tennis.

Fortunately, however, most Japanese verbs denote change of state with the unmarked aspect.

疲れる get tired, be exhausting
疲れている be tired


卓球やって疲れた I got tired after table tennis


Rewording 疲れる using synonyms that go along with なる is of course possible.

I was exhausted after table tennis.


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