If I wanted to say the cat is on the table, which one of these sentences is correct or what's the difference?

「猫 は 机の上 に います」 or 「猫 は 机の上 です。」


Think about it this way: 「机の上」 is a location, so if you just use the declarative like in the second sentence, you are stating that the cat is that location. The first sentence states that the cat exists in that location.

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  • @ajsmart Why do you say that one of these attempts isn't totally correct? I think I must be missing something. – user3856370 Apr 13 at 19:40
  • @user3856370 I was under the impression that a particle was needed between 上 and です. In retrospect, it's ok. I must be getting rusty. – ajsmart Apr 14 at 12:20

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