I want to ask "Do you eat more in self-isolation/quarantine?" and "Do you exercise less in self-isolation/quarantine?". What is the simplest translation for these sentences and can I use something like「[japanese word for self-isolation/quarantine]の時、もっと食べますか?」for the first sentence?

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自主隔離{じしゅかくり} is one term for 'self-isolation' which has been used in Japanese media. For example, check this article here.

For 'quarantine', just 隔離{かくり} is sufficient.


I have been using the term 自宅待機 during this Covid-19 crisis, which according to Jisho.org, means:

  1. standing by at home (e.g. to prevent the spread of illness)​
  2. being on furlough; being temporarily laid off

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