Is there kanji for いいですね?

I see that よいですね can be written as 良いですね.

In context, is 良いですね understood and read as いいですね?


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いいですね is a conversational expression which can be used with the meaning "That sounds good!", "Good idea!", "Great!", etc. When used in this sense, I would think most people would write it with kana. (Often it would be strange to say よいですね instead.)

On the other hand, writing 良いですね can also be read いいですね, but it feels like 良い is used with a more precise meaning of "good" (as opposed to "not good" or "bad"). So 良いですね looks like it should be used when it could also be read as よいですね (without sounding out-of-place).

So, いいですね can sometimes be written 良いですね, but I would think there are also uses of いいですね where it is better written in kana.

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