I'm starting to read some images that talk about tail holes in clothing, for anthropomorphic animals, and I'm already stuck on the first sentence.


What does 連ツイ mean in this sentence? 連 by itself means "group," but I'm not sure how that fits into the sentence.

Without it, I translate it as: This is a summary of the tail hole and its surroundings.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!


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In Japanese language, shortening the word is common(ex ファミコン from ファミリー・コンピューター: family computer, スマホ from スマートフォン: smartphone).

So, 「連ツイ」should be 「連続ツイート」: a series of tweet, successive tweet, etc.

Probably the author is not saying a series of tweets are already categorized by some characteristics. Therefore, I think "group" is bit off here.

The author would like to just summarize the ideas regarding the phenomenon of「しっぽ穴{あな}」: tail-hole in the clothes.


It's short for 連続ツイート, or successive tweets (posted by a single user about a certain topic).

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