I'm slowly, very very slowly working through this story here while I study kanji (using kanjidamage) and with basic Japanese grammar skills, very much a beginner.

間 seems to be leaning toward 'period of time'

However, this section suggest more like "intruding into a group" or something, like ones little brother trying to slowly make himself a part of you and your friends group of makebelieve super sentai band.


Is that true? Or is it still more like a period of time? Like a process or something? Also, how is it read? "Ma"? A furigana addon I downloaded puts "ma" over the 間, as does Google translate.

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    This 境に is part of ある日を境に, which is AをBに construction. Literally, "with one day as a turning point", or simply, "after one certain day".
    – naruto
    Mar 30, 2020 at 21:37

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It is read as 「あいだ」. In the first (俺とヴィンスの間に) and third (俺たちの間に) usages of this sentence, it means "among" or "within". It could mean "between" as far as a spatial distance, but without context from previous sentences, I'd say it's unlikely.

In the second usage (長い金髪の間に), it means like "between" or even "through". But that's the beauty of Japanese; you don't have to know which exact definition it is to understand the overall meaning!

See definitions 1 and 5 here.

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