I have some difficulties to understand the meaning of 詰む in the context

あなたとは違{ちが}ってね」  冷静{れいせい}に返{かえ}されオレは言葉{ことば}を詰{つ}まらせた

I am different from you. She returned my words calmly and "I was checkmated / I was at loss" ??

the dictionary gives for

詰む (shogi) to be checkmated; to be hard pressed; to be at a loss; to reach the limits;

but I cannot figure the meaning of 詰む in the context and its association with 言葉

By the way, I am aware the Causative-Passive form (to force something on somebody) is used. Does it alter significantly the use of 詰む ?

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    Look up 詰まる in a dictionary.
    – kaboc
    Mar 24 '20 at 9:04


I made a mistake: I thought that the passive causative form was used with 詰む.

But in fact, the verb was 詰まる with the causative and the dictionary gives:

言葉{ことば}に詰{つ}まる (exp,v5r) to be at a loss for words

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