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In the phrase


what is the reason behind using が as opposed to は in the phrase


Sorry if this is a silly question... But thank you nonetheless!!



It is Tokyo Skytree that is the tallest building in Japan.

This describes which one is the tallest. が is used to feature something particular rather than the others.


Tokyo Skytree is the tallest building in Japan.

This just describes Tokyo Skytree.

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    Spot on. Just to add to your answer, although there are several differences between が and は, one difference is that if が can be used to put emphasis on what precedes it, whereas は can be used to emphasise what comes after it. Therefore the second sentence reads more as a simple description of tokyo skytree, but the first is an explanation of which building is the tallest. – James Edwards Mar 24 at 4:24
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    The first sentence could be rewritten using は: 日本の一番高い建物は東京スカイツリーです。Here the emphasis is on what comes after は as being the important information. – James Edwards Mar 24 at 4:30

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