So I saw this on chat on a gacha game I'm playing.



My understanding of this. "It was a miracle for me to summon her without an official catalyst, I'll never forget that."

So I looked up what 決して. I found this on context.reverso.net

アーロンは決して横たわらない ゴードンさん

Is the use of "決して" here different? The first example doesn't have the negation yet both examples seem to mean "never".


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決して doesn't mean what English "never" means, on its own. It is an adverbial phrase paired with negation, much like "absolutely not". Unlike English where most emphatic elements are either shared among positive, question, and negative expressions (if at all / why at all / not at all) or already fused with negative words (nothing / never / none), Japanese has many such freestanding words exclusively serve negative sentences (and using in positive sentences could be blamed being bad grammar). As a result, we can still imply negation even we omit the negation element itself.

全然。 (Not) at all.
ちっとも。 (Not) a bit.
別に。 (Not) particular; whatever.

決して is not a word frequently seen in isolation (not a very colloquial word either), but perfectly understandable whenever it is.

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