I came across this sentence:

だけど ─ ─ こうして輪を作って連むのは、それ以上の贅沢だと思う。

What does 輪を作って mean in the sentence? Surely it can't be "making a circle/ring"?

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    Any more context? Forming a circle of friends, or something similar, would seem like a good bet. – user3856370 Mar 22 at 10:38
  • @user3856370 Sounds correct. So 輪 can mean "circle of friends>" The sentence before : ほんの 半年 ほど 前 まで、 俺 は 孤独こそ が 贅沢 の 極み で ある と 考え て い た。 – Newbie Mar 22 at 10:50
  • Adding some context would definitely help make this into a better question. – snailcar Mar 22 at 11:13

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