Firstly, just to double check, when we are talking about a sign, like an information sign or a warning sign, is the correct word: ひょうしき【標識】?

I’m constructing a sentence using quotation: ひょうしきは「女性専用車」と…

読んでいる or 言っている

To say it properly, does a sign reads or says in Japanese?


標識は「女性専用車」と言っている would be grammatically correct.

(標識は「女性専用車」と読んでいる is incorrect.)

I would say [車両]{しゃりょう}/[窓]{まど}/[扉]{とびら}「女性専用車」と[書]{か}いてある, though.



  • 書かれている is less casual and can be used universally. – kaboc Mar 22 '20 at 4:01

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