What is the exact word for cyan color in Japanese language? Is it 青緑 / あおみどり?

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    You might want to add color codes here or at least specify a little more detail about how you define cyan. 青緑 is literally "blue-green" and seems to be a color similar to cyan (?), but if someone asked me the difference between blue-green and cyan in English I wouldn't be able to answer. – Mindful Mar 20 '20 at 19:20
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If you think of cyan in a technical sense, for example as one of the primary colours in the CMYK model (so (100,0,0,0)) (in the RGB model probably (0,255,255)), then in Japanese it would be シアン (シアン on Japanese Wikipedia).

As you can find in the Wikipedia article, there are several colour names, which compare to シアン as follows:

  • シアン


  • 青緑【あおみどり】・青緑色【せいりょくしょく】


  • 藍緑色【らんりょくしょく】


  • アクアマリン


  • 水色【みずいろ】


The pictures are from a Google Image search. (I tried to restrict the search to results from Japan, but somehow there are still some results from Chinese websites. Still, I think the strategy is clear here.)

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