I would like to know the use of その結果 "as a result" Is it formal ? Use in written language ? Could it be replaced with some other expressions like "それで” ?

三ヶ月ダイエットを続けた。その結果、5キロやせた。 I continued my diet for three months. As a result, I lost 5 kilos.

父は、人の何倍も努力した。その結果、仕事で成功した。 My father worked so much harder than anyone else. As a result, he has succeeded in his career.


その結果 is a commonly used expression and you can use in written/spoken language in any situations. It can be replaced with "それで", but it simply means "and" or "then" in English. In this case, I think "おかげで"(thanks to) is concise and suitable for these sentences like below.



In negative consequences, "せいで" should be used instead of "おかげで". Here is an example:


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