What does とした mean in this sentence?


I saw this, but I think it's a different とした.

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It's an adverb やんわり(と) followed by a verb した.

やんわり(と) is an adverb meaning "mildly" or "softly". This と is "the optional と" explained here.

した is the perfect aspect of する, which in this context means "to have a trait".

Why is it した rather than する? See the following questions:

All in all, this やんわりとした just means "mild", and it is adjectivally modifying 暖房. It may look complicated at first, but this is how you make an adverb (esp. onomatopoeia) modify a noun. You may think of this した as "glue" to join an adverb and a noun. Here are similar examples:

  • ゆっくり(と)した曲
    a slow song
  • がっかり(と)した顔
    a disappointed face
  • キラキラ(と)したコイン
    a shining coin
  • 凜とした外見
    a dignified appearance

The とした in やんわりとした is just part of the やんわり modifying the 暖房. Perhaps "the gently heated classroom" would work as a translation, but I'm not very good at translating things like that.

I saw this Meaning and usage of ~としたことが but I think it's a different とした

You are right.


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