I would like to know the difference between 平気, 冷静, and 穏やか. They mean "calm" but what is the difference between them ?

案外本当は平気なんじゃないの‌ I guess that means you're not that bothered by it after all?‌

冷静に返されオレは言葉を詰まらせた。 She returned my words calmly and shut me up.

なんていうオレの穏やかな気持ちはすぐに消し飛ばされてしまった。 My tranquility and peace was suddenly interrupted.

From what I guess,

平気 : not to be bothered

冷静: to remain cool

穏やか : related to peace of mind

Am I right ?


You are basically right.

  • 平気: antonym for "damaged", "dangerous", "ill", "negatively affected", etc.
  • 冷静: antonym for "lost one's cool", "short-tempered", "angry", etc.
  • 穏やか: antonym for "anxious", "restless", "bothered", etc.

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