I came over this sentence during my study.


I understand the latter half of the sentence, in the sense that "the girl was shivering from the cold". However, I have no idea what does the two と play at the first half of the sentence. My closest guess is that the と from "見ると" is a conditional. But in this case, the conditional does not make sense as "when he glanced at the girl? , she was shivering from the cold. What confused me is that he does not necessarily have to look at the girl to have her shiver from the cold.

Edit: ちらっと , is the と here part of an entire word? or is it acting as a particle

I hope someone could clear up my confusion!


As someone already mentioned ちらっと is just one word.

As for your second question, this is from 明鏡国語辞典: (I believe this def. best fits here)



As I look at her, I realize/see that she is shivering as well.

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