I saw the following comment on a youtube video about a super-fast chef making some Japanese fried rice:


I'm learning Japanese by myself and, having only a shaky grasp of grammar, this sentence is too difficult for me to parse. My best guess is "How much money do I have to pay this guy for him to teach me this skill!" or something like it, but I'm sure this is wrong.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJdENiJVehE

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  • 自分が何に金を出しているのか = for what I am paying money (see: embedded question)
  • 分からせてくれる = to make me understand
  • 技術ってあるよね = there is (such-and-such) a skill, huh?

So the sentence is literally "There is a kind of skill that makes me understand what I am paying for". In other words this is a word of praise along the lines of "So this is why we have to pay money for the skills of chefs!"

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