I bump up in in sentence on manga


I guess the translation is that I am not fit for


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The sentence is cut off. It would depend on the context, but the unsaid, implied half of it should probably be something like わかってる。 or 知ってる。

The こと is a nominalizer. It functions like "that..." in English, as in:

「[sentence]+ ことを知っている。/ ことがわかっている。」
= "I know that +[sentence]."

くらい/ぐらい is a belittling suffix. (The particle くらい/ぐらい replaces the case particle を/が.) It can express how minimal, trivial, slight, weak, easy, etc. something is. For more on the usage of くらい/ぐらい and examples please refer to:

So your sentence means something like:

"I know very well that I'm not enough for (you/her/someone)."
"I'm well/fully aware that I'm not good enough for (you/her/someone)."

with a nuance that the fact is so obvious, easy to know, etc.

  • Oh that's make sense. I undrstood the context of ぐらい from the resources, thanks!
    – Or Halimi
    Feb 27, 2020 at 6:54

こと Things

話したいことがある。 There's something I want to talk about. 頼みたいことがある。 There's something I want to you to do me a favor.

ぐらい OR くらい As if 英語くらい話せて当然だ。 You should speak English. (disregard) それぐらいしか思いつきません。 I can only recall about that much.(disregard)

僕とじゃ釣り合わないことぐらい(すぐ分かる) It is too obvious that I am not fit for you.

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