I'm trying to understand how to parse the がってんなら in this sentence (it's from Tales of Vesperia, in case anyone's curious):


This is how it's translated in the English version of the game:

Haven't you already seen what
the empire's capable of several
times on this trip already?

The second part of the sentence is easy enough, but I just can't wrap my head around the first part. Is it short for 帝国があっているなら or something? And what would that translate to literally? Is there some bit that's omitted that I should be able to infer from context?

Thank you :)



It looks like a contracted pronunciation of 帝国がと言うのなら。

~というのなら → ~ってのなら → ~ってんなら
(The particle って can be the colloquial version of という.)

I think the sentence literally means:

If you mean "The empire (did...),"
on this trip, too
you've already seen (what it's capable of) several times, haven't you?

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    Thank you for your answer, appreciate it :). I had actually considered that "ってん" might mean "と言うの" here, but the "が" after 帝国 threw me off completely. Sometimes it really feels like you need to be able to read minds to understand certain nuances of Japanese. Feb 25 '20 at 17:20

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