What I understand from dictionaries is that there are somehow complicated feelings involved (Daijirin: 感情などが、複雑に絡み合って、すっきりしないさま。), but I still don't quite understand what kind of relationship would be called どろどろ. Do you have a concrete example for me?

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ドロドロ is normally translated as muddy, dirty, or a substance of a thick consistency.

手がドロドロになっちゃった。 = 手が汚れちゃった。

ドロドロ is to express a relationship outside marriage.

ドロドロした男女関係 = ドロ沼の不倫。

ドロドロした人間関係 = backbiting, malicious gossip, envy, jealousy etc...


Hope this helps and made things clearer.

  • Consider also the noun 泥【どろ】 "mud", which is reduplicated to create the adverb どろどろ. Commented Feb 26, 2020 at 16:27

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