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I don't know how to interpret ばかにはええじゃねえか in the manga here. I believe ばかにはええじゃねえか = ばかにはいいじゃないか but I still can't make sense of this. As the picture suggests, the father says this as some sort of a greeting for the boy who's just got back from school. My best effort at translating this is something like "Aren't you look wonderful!" (my dictionary says ばかにいい = be mighty nice; be absolutely wonderful). But it's obvious that the boy is dejected, so my translation can't be right.


I think it might be "バカにはやいじゃないか", where "はええ" is a twisted pronunciation of "はやい". And the sentence means "(You came back) very early, didn't you"

  • That's right! I totally missed it. – Chav Likit Feb 22 '20 at 14:09

ばかにはええ=ばかに早い、ということです。 「はええ」は、はやいがくずれた(なまった)ものです。


the meaning is similar to いつもより(帰り)はやいじゃないか→oo, you back so(much) earlier than usual

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