This sentence appeared on NHK news web easy today in regards to the corona virus.


I believe the grammar that is tripping me up is the nested にする in te form.

My best interpretation:

According to some government office, until the results of the test are received, [they] won't be allowed to leave.

The ~ようにしてもらう construction and the final ~もらうことにしています Must be a type of grammatical construction I am not familiar with yet.

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I believe that the subject of います is the Ministry of Health (厚生労働省) whereas the subject of 出ない is people who have taken the medical tests.

Broken down:

The ministry of health (厚生労働省は) decides that (しています) it will receive [by the potentially ill people] the favor (もらうことに) of their making sure (して) to not go out (出ないように).

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