Looking for some help understanding 俺はどこまで行っても俺だ.

I've googled and can see the phrase どこまで行っても being used fairly often, but can't find an explanation, and what definition of 行く is being used here.


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is almost like a set phrase meaning:

"I will always be me."

「どこまで行っても」 literally means "no matter where I go" and it can also figuratively mean "eternally" or "till the end of time".

Whether the 'movement' is spatial or temporal is of little importance here unless the context this expression appears in clearly specifies one over the other. To Japanese-speakers, 「どこまで行っても」 is fairly synonymous to 「いつまでも」、「何があっても」、「どんな時でも」, etc., which is why "I will always be me." should cover them all in most cases.

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