I've recently discovered some Duolingo stickers on my phone, and there is one I can't translate properly. This sticker has the text 両方じゃだめ with a shrugging Duo-owl under it.

I think it means something along the lines of "I can't decide". Could anyone explain what it really means, and possibly break up the sentence?

The sticker: enter image description here



We usually say it to mean...

"Can't I have them both?" "Why not both?"

It breaks down to...

両方 -- "both"
じゃ < contraction of では (で+は)
だめ -- "no good"

So it's literally like "is it no good if both?"

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    I'm guessing it's a reference to the "Why not both?" taco girl meme. – Leebo Jan 16 at 13:56
  • @Leebo あらっ、そおなんですか。ありがとうございます^^ – Chocolate Jan 16 at 13:58

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