I initially heard this in this song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-Qu9rQDors

What is シュバババーン? Seems like sound effect. When I search this exactly on google it has over a thousand results which means it wasn't a one time use in this song. The things I found searching it seemed dance related. I can understand the rest of the song but I wanted to clarify what the シュバババーン represents.

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シュバババ (or シュバババーン, etc) primarily represents a rapid-firing wind noise, like the sound of shuriken or punches thrown rapidly (see picture here).

In addition, it is also used pretty much in the same way as シャキーン, ババーン or ジャーン. That is, シュババーン can be used to emphasize how energetic, cool, surprising or eye-catching someone/something is. In this case, "Tah-dah" in English is similar in purpose.

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