I am not really sure if I understood the following sentence correctly:


The pattern in bold is what makes me struggle here. I found this explanation of the last part of the sentences https://j-nihongo.com/toittatokoroda/, in which 「といったところ」 was described as being used for expression amounts that are not very high. Judging from that I believe that the amount of power is not exceptionally large here. However, the 「並の上」 would be indecipherable to me without the meaning of 「といったところ」. When checking the dictionary entries I felt like picking exactly what I had to in order to "make the pattern fix the situation".

The problem is matter not very complicated but I feel like I am missing something about the pattern.

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「並{なみ}」 means "average", "regular", etc. Look at the image in this question where the word is used to indicate the regular-size beef bowl.

「並の上」, therefore, means "above average". The connotation often associated with this phrase is "not great", but without further context, I could not tell if that is the case with the sentence in question.

Seeing 「並の上」 in conjunction with 「といったところ」, however, I would tend to think that the speaker is not too impressed by the attack power.

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