I'm trying to figure out what does the おくび mean in the following sentence:


For context, a character is thanking another person for helping them out after they've puked.

Jisho is telling me that おくび means belch or burp, but I'm still not too sure how I can interpret this.

  • Hi, welcome to Stack Exchage! Not sure if this help, but in Jisho's examples there is 「おくびにも出すな」 translated as "Don't breathe a word of it to anyone", so 「おくびにも出さず」seems to mean they won't say anything about what happened? Does it make sense in the context?
    – Mauro
    Dec 11, 2019 at 9:23

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Here, おくびにも出さない is a common idiom that means "not to breathe a word" or "not to reveal one's (negative) feeling at all".

The idiom is worth memorizing, but おくび ("burp") is a rare word, and it's almost never used on its own at least in modern Japanese. I believe most Japanese speakers do not even know what おくび means.

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