Context: after the commander of a platoon (小隊長) says some apparently incomprehensible things, one of the soldiers whispers to another:


What is the meaning of 決める/決めてない here? Considering the context, I guess it could mean "crazy" or "lunatic". Is it correct?


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If I were to trust your guess from the actual context, I think I know exactly what the phrase would mean. The verb I am thinking of is more often written 「キメる」 rather than 「決める」, but that is not a rule, so here I go.

「キメる」 has a slang meaning of "to take drugs". Thus, the sentence would mean:

"Isn't he on some kind of drug?"

「決める」 has a few important meanings that have nothing to do with "deciding". Read definition #11 from コトバンク which says:

11 飲んだり食べたりする。飲食する。また、違法{いほう}な薬物{やくぶつ}などを摂取{せっしゅ}する


"To drink and/or eat. To dine. Or to consume illegal drugs."

  • I think a more colloquial version of 「キメる」might be "Is he high?!" Dec 8, 2019 at 20:30

No, it doesn't mean crazy. It means "he haven't make up his mind?"

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