I came across this 「すらさえも」construction in the following sentence:


I've learned that they mean (mostly) the same, but haven't come across them in immediate succession; therefore I'd like to if there are any special nuances to the use of 「すら」and 「さえ」in combination?

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    Although you can find a few examples of すらさえ in lyrics and such, BCCWJ has zero example of it. I personally feel this may just be a typo. Unless you are writing something creative or poetic, you should not use it. – naruto Nov 30 '19 at 8:56

「すらさえも」 is only a highly emphatic form of:

・「すら(も)」 or


Combining the two does not produce a "new" meaning of its own.
You should, therefore, just think of it as an emphatic way of saying "even" in English.

"Even the lolicon bastard who (had) kidnapped a kid kept making fun of me, too."

The original sentence is in the passive-voice form while my own TL, in the active voice.

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