I'm working on an application which has user roles such as "admin", "customer", "contractor"and would like to add localisation to the app.

On my main menu I have:


and the default ja-JP file provides these values:


What would be the corrent title for the Roles section here?

Can I just use ロールー, or should it be something like 役目{やくめ}?

More broadly, is there some resource with common translations for this type of situation?

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    I have seen [役割]{やくわり} in this kind of context before.
    – Sweeper
    Commented Nov 24, 2019 at 18:46

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Can I assume the main users of your app are IT workers? If this is an admin panel for something like RDB, VCS or headleass CMS, ロール is the go-to translation (don't elongate ル). Using a non-katakana word might even confuse users. For example see this. As an alternative, WordPress seems to use 権限グループ (literally "privilege group") as the translation of Role. I'm not sure this is a good translation, though. If your app is targeted at unskilled laypeople, 役割 may be another possibility.

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