I was trying to explain the concept of diminutives to my Japanese friend and can't quite find a good analogy in Japanese.

I think the ''ko'' prefix acts a bit like a diminutive but I can't think of any good examples.

Is it a diminutive and can someone give me some examples?

Also although ''chan'' is an honorific I feel it is a diminutive honorific.

Would this be correct to say.

Can anyone give me some insight into Japanese diminutives?

Examples are welcomed.


Dialects have words like 安っちい or …っこ as you mentioned, but that's rare in Standard Japanese. I can only come up with 犬っころ (Is it a dialect too?). Or, suffixes for personal nicknames like ゆきぴょん for ゆき could be that kind.

If your friend was familiar with music, you could use terms like "sonatine".

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