In 無情のスキャッツ from 人間椅子, there's the following line, around 2'41":


The furigana are from the video's subtitles, which are not automatically generated by Youtube, so this is definitely intended by the authors.

I couldn't find any reference confirming that had any readings other than ひたい and がく. Also, I thought it could be a play on word (1) of some kind, but I couldn't find any word that reads ぬか that would make any sense.

What could be the meaning of reading ぬか in this context?

(1) You know, that thing when you attach totally different furigana to a word to express the true meaning of that word in a context, like 地球{ここ}, but I forgot how it's called

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ぬか is an old-fashioned reading of 額, which is commonly ひたい today. That information is pretty easy to find if you type in both 額 and ぬか in a search engine.

At the bottom I believe you're talking about 当て字(ateji), but that is not relevant to the 額 question.

  • Ah. I just didn't find it in my dictionary so I thought, let's just ask... I'll look it up next time. Thanks a lot !
    – Right leg
    Nov 16, 2019 at 12:15
  • Interestingly enough, that reading is actually still present in 額ずく
    – Right leg
    Nov 16, 2019 at 12:17

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