This line is a lyric from a song: 「どっかから現れた 感情が僕だ」 What is the が particle here used for? I've learned that the が particle would usually tie two nouns together as in, A is B, or something to that effect, but I can't see how it works in this sentence.

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「どっかから現{あらわ}れた 感情{かんじょう}が僕{ぼく}だ」


僕 = どっかから現れた感情

どっかから現れた is a relative clause that modifies 感情.

"The emotion that has appeared from somewhere is me."

It is saying "I am merely that emotion (itself)." To paraphrase it, it means:

"I am (only) the emotion that has appeared from somewhere."

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