I came across this sentence in the Yugioh Manga:

「最大の誤算は貴様ごときに神を拝ませることになろうなぁんてねぇ」 (the preceding sentence: 「俺は貴様を多少みくびっていた....」)

I used Please help me identify who does what in this sentence and check the translation as reference to check on the use of particles with causative forms (especially the difference between transitive/ intrasitive verbs and に and を in causative constructions)

I judged from that and the second meaning stated in 2 https://dictionary.goo.ne.jp/word/%E6%8B%9D%E3%82%80_%28%E3%81%8A%E3%81%8C%E3%82%80%29/#jn-29998 that it is 「貴様ごとき」that is allowed to see god/the power of god...

However the English translation said something along the lines of "I did not expect to have to call on a god to defeat you".

I know that translations are not always a perfect tool to check one's understanding but the difference in interpreting this sentence made me raise two questions:

a) Is my understanding of particles with causative forms wrong (and that is why I am interpreting this sentence incorrectly)?

b) Is the translation somewhat off in that case? Personally I believe that the nuance of the original sentence is almost lost if not reversed completely... As I one day want to work as translator I wonder how much "space" the translator actually has when it comes to cases like this.

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