I would like to ask if there is a connection or relationship between two different parts.

For example, would this be an appropriate way of asking "Is there any connection between the two compilations/volumes?"


I'm not certain if I'm missing anything required when discussing the connection/relationship (for example の間, etc.)


Yes, 2つの~(の間)に何か関係はありますか is a perfectly natural sentence. の間 is typically optional, but dropping it may make the sentence ambiguous depending on the context:


  1. Are the two people related to each other?
  2. Are the two people related to (the problem / it / him / etc)?

Adding の間 makes the sentence refer only to the connection between the two.

Also note that 編 does not work as a standalone noun except in limited stiff contexts. Instead, you may want to use 作品, 本, シリーズ, etc.

  • @Strawberry Thank you, corrected. Feel free to correct my bad English. – naruto Nov 6 '19 at 0:09

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