In 新完全{しんかんぜん}マスター文法{ぶんぽう}N2 there is an exercise to choose the correct phrase to make the full sentence correct.

a) お食事{しょくじ}の
b) ご飯{はん}を食{た}べる
c) お一人様{ひとりさま}の

I understand why a) is a correct answer and why b) is incorrect. There was even a question about it before, link.

I don't understand why c) is incorrect.

My guess is that お一人様の is incorrect because it does not stand for an action like 搭乗{とうじょう} or 外出{がいしゅつ} stands. In case I would want to use お一人様の anyway in the sentence, I guess I would have to rephrase it to be like this:


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    「お一人様の場合は」 is probably better. – Halfway Dillitante Nov 5 '19 at 9:20
  • 「お一人様でお越しの際は」 also sounds fine. – sbkgs4686 Nov 5 '19 at 13:42

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