I have searched 半ば meaning and translation, but I couldn't find an example that fit in with the sentence that I read on the light novel.


From jisho.org, 半ば: 1. middle; half; semi; halfway; partly

Then I found an additional info from weblio.jp that might be fit in with the above sentence.

  1. ある状態に半分ほどなっているさま。 2. かなりな程度。ほとんど。

So, can I translate the sentence as follow:

"It was almost like a provocation by Nagumo, but in reality Horikita who should have come to this school to follow her brother, had only been able to get in touch with her brother for a short time so far."

Thank you for your kind guidance.

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Yes, when 半ば is used as an adverb, its nuance is often close to "almost" rather than 50%. Your translation seems fine. Other examples:

  • もう半ば諦めています。
  • 彼の本業は芸人だが、普段は半ば作家のような生活をしている。
  • 彼の気持ちは半ば決まっていたが、それでも迷いがあった。

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