I was wondering in terms of Tokyo dialect, if there is a difference in gender and formality in the use of 自分 as a reflexive pronoun 'I'?


自分 is sometimes used as a plain (non-reflexive) first-person pronoun, in which case it's used mainly by tough male speakers (e.g., sumo wrestlers, members of 自衛隊). From 日本語の一人称代名詞 on Wikipedia:



Putting this aside, when 自分 is used as a reflexive pronoun meaning "myself", I think there is no difference in gender.

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    私見ながら、体育会系に限るならむしろ女性の方がよく使ってる印象があります。男性アスリートであれば「僕」を使う人が一定数いますが、女性ではそれが「自分」になってるんじゃないかと思います。ただ、母数が違うので全体比で言えば少ないでしょうが。 – user4092 Oct 23 '19 at 8:49

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