tell me please, is that sound or words :<

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    I wasn't the one who downvoted, but I do think this question could be improved. I think the main problem is that you haven't included any context at all. Sure, I could guess "Maybe they're starting to say ドラゴンに乗って", but without any additional context all it is is a guess.
    – user1478
    Oct 16 '19 at 19:51

Words. Hard to tell what the のっ is short for but presumably the context would make that clear.


Going by my observation skills; seeing as how the のっ is repeating itself, and appears to be floating above what I think is the shoulder of the character making the のっ, I'm guessing it's a sound; or in the case of outer-character narration, it would be as Darius pointed out, words. Further context would greatly assist as far as figuring out which one it is.

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