From the lyrics from this song say the following:

ねぇねぇ君~ そこのぎゃんかわ女子~

I'm having trouble figuring out what "ぎゃんかわ" means. Is maybe this is a conjugation of a verb that I don't recognize? Maybe a grammer point that I am not familar with?


ぎゃんかわ is slang for “really cute”.

ぎゃんかわ → とても可愛{かわ}いい

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  • Thanks, is there a general "conjugation rule" I can learn here for the slang? For instance do other ii-verbs also have this slang, what other other adjectives (verbs and nowns)? – Steven Sagona Oct 1 '19 at 20:36
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    ギャン generally means とても but I feel its idiomatic usage is fairly limited. ギャン泣き comes to mind. That said I think other compounds like ギャンこわ etc would be understandable. Either way, something noun-like comes after it. – Darius Jahandarie Oct 1 '19 at 20:49
  • Though I guess the ギャン in ギャン泣き might actually be slightly different... – Darius Jahandarie Oct 1 '19 at 21:04
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    minnkane.com/news/3504 claims it could be from Fukuoka – Igor Skochinsky Oct 1 '19 at 21:24
  • dic.pixiv.net/a/ぎゃんかわ Pixiv too – Igor Skochinsky Oct 1 '19 at 21:28

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