The context here is that an elevator fell and someone died in the fall


I understand the sentence but i can't wrap my head around 線's meaning here

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This 線 refers to a possible way of thinking, a possible solution (among others), an approach, etc. This is often used in detective stories.

  • 物事を行う道筋・方針。「その線で交渉しよう」 (デジタル大辞泉)
  • 物事を行う上での(漠然とした)方針や道筋。「その線で考えてみよう」(明鏡国語辞典 第二版)
  • 8. line (of action); position; approach; policy; principle (jisho.org)
  • It makes sense now, Thank you! and this sentence is actually from a detective story Oct 1, 2019 at 14:44

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