After reading, What's the difference between 変態 and 痴女 (or 痴漢)?, I did a few word searches.

Jisho lists multiple words when searching for the term Whore:

  • 売女 - prostitute; whore​

  • 街娼 - prostitute; whore; streetwalker​

Can someone explain the difference?

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Both 売女{ばいた} and 街娼{がいしょう} are derogatory terms. So, they aren't used at all. The following are more often heard:

風俗嬢{ふうぞくじょう} is used as "prostitute".

立{た}ちんぼ is used as "streetwalker"​.

These words do not connote "puta madre" in Spanish. So you can't use them as a compliment.

  • Interesting note regarding the Spanish terminology. I am quite aware that they are both derogatory, but why would they not be used at all? For example, what would be used in a character description for a story highlighting this on TV for the news?
    – oxr463
    Sep 26, 2019 at 12:25
  • @ラメージルーカス I do not know the true reason for not being used often tho. However, I assume 売女{ばいた} was not officially permitted different from other 遊女 . Wikipedia explains 「遊郭以外で売春するものを隠売女と称し、厳しく取り締まった」The police strictly controlled prostitutes working other than brothel called 遊郭{ゆうかく} where government officially permits prostitution and named them 隠売女{いんばいた}. They should have been ranked lower among prostitutes for the reason. That's why the term has still not been paid attention to. For 街娼, it could be the similar reason. Sep 26, 2019 at 14:35

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